Application of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods

Date: Utorak, Juli 25, 2017
Category: Blog

The Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods was passed in 1969, and entered into force in 1980. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Convention is applied on the basis of the succession of laws and international treaties taken from the former SFRY. The application of the Convention relates to contracts for the sale of goods concluded between parties having their headquarters in the territories of different states, and only in cases of states which signed and ratified […]

The professional liability insurance and kinds of benefits that legal service users might have (II)?

Date: Petak, Juni 23, 2017
Category: Blog

Ten months ago I wrote about Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance and came to a conclusion that in a way as it is being currently used and contracted, users of legal services will not certainly have any benefits from the same. Unfortunately, the practice has shown the correctness of such a conclusion.  During 2016, none of the insurance companies dealing with this type of insurance in the Republic of Srpska received claims for damages or any other claim of damaged users […]

Piercing the corporate veil (Lifting the veil)

Date: Subota, Decembar 17, 2016
Category: Blog

The golden rule and one of the basic principles when it comes to the issue of a capital company is that members i.e. founders of the company are not liable for the debts of the same. Therefore in such companies the capital (stake) determines the company and sets limits of liability of its members, where the same will be liable only if the entire contracted stake is not entered or paid and then liability is up to the amount of […]


Date: Petak, Oktobar 21, 2016
Category: Blog

For most people, the biggest dilemma is whether to take Heineken, Tuborg, Jelen, Lav or homemade Nektar. For some it is a question of crucial importance, either to take dark or light beer. Of course, only a few will not know the correct answer to the question that it is related to “His Majesty”, the beer.  Brewing industry occupies an important place in the world, especially in countries which achieve a large portion of their income just with production and […]


Date: Srijeda, Oktobar 12, 2016
Category: Blog

Reading the laws, court decisions, case law, etc. in the field of law and justice, we have to deal with the terms “substantive law” and “procedural law”. Readers, “non-lawyers” often are not clear on the distinction between these two terms, as well as their importance and role in the legal system of a country. Therefore, we will try to clarify the meaning and connections between these two laws in order to break the prejudice that the legal science is only […]


Date: Petak, Oktobar 7, 2016
Category: Blog

Saving is a type of service that banks provide to their customers (individuals or legal entities). The current market economy, the economic power of individuals and recent memories, raise an issue of what would be the way to attract citizens to entrust their money to some of financial institutions for “safekeeping” In the period behind us, we witnessed that a large number of citizens still did not manage to collect their savings entrusted to banks, which they hardly acquired mainly […]


Date: Petak, Septembar 30, 2016
Category: Blog

A man named Mario Costeja Gonzales, who in the nineties got into financial troubles and came to the list of debtors, where the same was published in the written media, and then on the Internet, decided to be forgotten. Apparently, he has decided to request that the information about his personality and his debts are removed from the Internet, and he firstly tried to accomplish it before the competent court in Spain, where he requested that Google should remove the […]


Date: Petak, Septembar 16, 2016
Category: Blog

In order to start a story related to domestic violence primarily we need to define what is covered under this violence. In this sense we can say that domestic violence is violence that occurs within the private sphere of life. In certain cases, violence within the private sphere of life refers to violent acts between family members living together – domestic violence, and in other cases it refers to violence that one intimate partner makes against the other partner – […]

What kind of benefits clients might have from their lawyer’s professional liability insurance?

Date: Petak, Septembar 9, 2016
Category: Blog

The Law on Lawyer's Profession of the Republic of Srpska, adopted in September 2015, stipulates that for damage (presumably referring to their clients) a lawyer shall be liable in accordance to general rules on liability for damage, and lawyers shall also be obliged to take out insurance on professional indemnity. The lowest sum insured per individual case is 250,000.00 BAM for a lawyer or 500,000.00 BAM for a law firm. The deadline for the conclusion of the insurance contract, in […]


Date: Utorak, August 23, 2016
Category: Blog

The famous magazine The Economist in one of their texts in 2011 announced that the modern legal practice becomes more a business than a profession and that today this profession is facing many challenges, dilemmas and questions which had not been present earlier or actually were expressly forbidden. Although many people think that the change of the position and role of legal practice in the modern business was largely influenced by the global recession of the economy caused by the […]