Ordinance on conditions for the commencement of a health institution

Date: Srijeda, Juli 26, 2017
Category: 2017
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On 13.06.2017 a new Ordinance on the Conditions for the Commencement of a Health Care Institution came into force and the same was published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska” no. 53/17.

This Ordinance has outlawed the earlier Ordinance on the Conditions for the Commencement of a Health Care Institution (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska”, No. 121/11).

The new Ordinance prescribes the minimum conditions pertaining to space, personnel and equipment to be met by a health care institution that intends to start work and carry out health care activities. The same Ordinance stipulates the procedure for establishing the fulfilment of the preceding conditions for obtaining a decision on their fulfilment by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic Srpska.

The Ordinance is divided into two parts, namely one part presents the General Conditions regarding Space, Personnel and Equipment, and the other part is the Special Part which prescribes special conditions that need to be fulfilled depending on the type of health care institution.

Thus, this by-law provides the conditions for commencement of the following:

  1. Out-patient clinic for treatment, health care and rehabilitation;
  2. Specialist out-patient clinic of family medicine;
  3. Specialist out-patient clinic (Specialist Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Cardiology Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Endocrinology Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Gastroenterological Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Pulmonary Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Dermatovenerology Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Infectious Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Pediatrics Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Neurological Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Ambulance of General Surgery; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Children's Surgery; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries; Specialist Urology Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Orthopaedic surgeries and Traumatology Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Gynaecologic Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Otorhinolaryngological Outpatient Clinic; Specialist ophthalmologic Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic; Specialist ambulance for classical – conventional X-ray diagnostics; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Mammography; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Interventional, Vascular and Nervous Radiology; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for computerized tomography; Specialist ambulance for MR; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for ultrasound diagnostics; Specialist Radiologic Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Outpatient Clinic of Nuclear Medicine; Specialist Outpatient Clinic of Occupational Medicine; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Bar-medicine; Specialist Dentistry and Endodontic Outpatient Clinic; Specialist Outpatient Clinic of Para-ontology and Oral Medicine; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Oral Surgery; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Preventive and Children's Dentistry; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Dental Prosthetics; Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Orthopaedic of Dental-Jaw; Specialist Outpatient Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery);
  4. Dental Outpatient Clinic;
  5. Community Health Care Centre;
  6. Pharmacies;
  7. Specialist Health Centre;
  8. Hospitals;
  9. Special hospitals;
  10. Clinical Health Centre;
  11. Institute;
  12. Institute of Public Health;
  13. Health Care Home;
  14. Laboratories;
  15. Banks of biological material, and
  16. Stem cell banks.

Health institutions that already carry out healthcare activities have the obligation to harmonize their organization and work with the provisions of this Ordinance within 1 (one) year from the date of entry into force of this Ordinance.

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