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Services of our law firm

The quality of our services is our priority and the basic task of every employee. Our awareness of quality starts with the choice our employees until the choice of the case, which is the key to our success. That's why our clients are achieve their goals.

SAJIC provides its clients with services in the area of administrative law in the broadest sense, advises both legal entities and individuals, and represents them before all public authorities. For our clients, we initiate and conduct all kinds of administrative procedures, and advise them on the most favorable ways of realizing and supporting their rights and interests.

Services provided by our team, among other things, include the following:

  • Obtaining different permits and approvals,
  • Representation before regulatory bodies,
  • Representation in the administrative procedure,
  • Initiation and representation in the administrative disputes,
  • Submitting regular and extraordinary legal remedies,
  • Advising and analyzing how to exercise rights and address various situations,
  • Consulting in cases of inspection of business,
  • Representation and assistance in expropriation procedures,
  • Representation and counseling in cases of abolition of state property,
  • Complete procedure related to obtaining location requirements, building and use permits,
  • Exercising rights from the pension and disability insurance.


SAJIC advises and provides legal support to legal entities and individuals involved in performing agricultural activities, as well as those interested in investing in the field of agriculture. We proudly emphasize that the members of our team are regular participants in projects organized by the World Bank and many other domestic and international organizations with an aim to encourage business development in this area. In recent years, the Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina has been attracting attention related to domestic and foreign investments, since it has great natural potential, good microclimate and excellent geo-strategic position, and therefore our team regularly fulfils the most diverse requirements of clients in this field.

Services provided by our team, among other things, include the following:

  • Advising on the application of the current legislation in the field of agriculture,
  • Finding business partners for investments in agriculture,
  • Concessions in agriculture,
  • Due diligence,
  • Establishment of concession companies,
  • Legal support for the acquisition and transfer of concession rights,
  • Contracts in agriculture,
  • Lease of agricultural land,
  • Purchase and sale of agricultural land,
  • Settlement of property and legal relations,
  • Establishment of agricultural cooperatives,
  • Exercising the right to incentives,
  • Seasonal employment of workers,
  • Insurance of farmers,
  • Environmental protection.


SAJIC provides legal services to its clients in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Srpska and the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The services provided to our clients are primarily related to the composition and filing of requests for the protection of constitutionality before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Srpska and appeals before the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as legal analysis of the overall procedure and possibilities of protection and exercise of the right.

We provide advice and opinions related to the following:

  • Violations of the rights made in proceedings before regular courts, i.e. we provide an analysis of whether a violation of the rights exists or not,
  • Assessment of the success of the proceedings following an appeal and the request for the protection of constitutionality before the Constitutional Court,
  • Interpretations of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the accompanying Protocols, all in relation to possible violations of the law.


SAJIC offers extensive experience in addressing with issues related to arbitration. We are throughly acquainted with the advantages of arbitration procedures and know how to use it in the interests of our clients, such as: free selection of the choice of places and language of arbitration, greater confidentiality since the procedures are not public, without appeals and above all the possibility of direct application of the arbitration decision in almost all countries of the world.

We provide our clients the following services:

  • Analysis of whether subsequent disputes would be better resolved before arbitral tribunal or before a court,
  • Carefully drafting and implementing arbitration clauses, including the selection of the appropriate arbitration institution and arbitrators,
  • Assessing chances for success as well as risks before initiating arbitration,
  • Cost estimates and ongoing costs of arbitration,
  • Representation of parties in arbitration proceedings,
  • Conducting foreign and domestic arbitration awards.


The importance of national and European competition law is constantly increasing, and the same is absolutely demanding. SAJIC provides services to domestic and foreign clients on all issues related to the competition. Our services range from representing clients in the merger control and anti-trust procedures before the Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through negotiation and drafting of contracts related to the competition (such as distribution and licensing contracts) to the development of an anti-trust program for our clients.

The services provided by our team include:

  • Merger control: consultation on issues related to the merger, acquisition and joint ventures, and development and submission of all necessary documents to competent institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Antitrust and abuse of dominant position: representation and defence before competent institutions, development of a defence strategy for possible antitrust damages and claims,
  • Horizontal and vertical concentration: daily advising clients in relation to all aspects of competition in the various contracts, including the right of distribution, licensing, franchise and cooperation contracts.


Our banking and finance team works for numerous clients: lenders and borrowers, domestic and foreign banks, microcredit organizations, investment funds and private investors, companies, national institutions. We assist our clients in financial transactions, regulatory issues and contracts. We are distinguished as leaders in legal consulting in the field of financing projects and real estate, buying and selling receivables and loans, restructuring, etc.

Long-term business relations with our clients - borrowers and lenders - give us the opportunity to gain necessary knowledge and experience in relation to all common issues and typical problems that those parties face in financial transactions. The approach of our finance team is practical and cooperative, with a clear goal to assist you to achieve your business goals.

We provide the following services:

  • Establishment and registration of banks, investment funds, leasing companies, micro-credit organizations and other financial organizations
  • Proceedings before the Banking Agency
  • Proceedings before the Securities Commission and Central Registry of Securities,
  • Corporate governance and relations between shareholders
  • Stock Exchange Law,
  • Investment funds,
  • Contracts on banking operations,
  • Due diligence of companies and real estate,
  • Mergers and acquisition (M&A),
  • Claims collection,
  • Non-perfomed loans (NPL)
  • Financing of acquisitions and projects,
  • Real estate financing,
  • Corporate finance,
  • Financial restructuring,
  • Legal representation in court proceedings,
  • Evaluation of legal risks and assessment of success in judicial proceedings,
  • Advice, opinions and recommendations related to the implementation of applicable regulations.


SAJIC advises clients in all areas of bankruptcy law as well as in cases of restructuring and reorganization. We advise investors, banks and companies that are facing business partners who are in financial crisis, as well as companies facing financial dificulties.

Advising creditors and companies (as well as their shareholders and/or executive bodies) about out-of-court restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, representing creditors and protecting the position of creditors in the event of insolvency, as well as advising on provision and enforcement of colalterals, cross-border bankruptcy, then issues related to the maintenance of capital, liability and termination of contracts, reorganization and refinancing, acquisition of non-perfoming loans, acquisition of assets or business with companies that are in financial crisis etc., are activities that make an integral part of the daily work of the SAJIC team for bankruptcy and liquidation.

The services we provide, among others, include the following:

  • Submission of bankruptcy applications and representing bankruptcy creditors,
  • Representation of the secured and separate creditors,
  • Legal advice and conduct of court proceedings for the bankruptcy debtor,
  • Conducting legal proceedings relating to decisions of the bankruptcy trustee and the bankruptcy court,
  • Initiating and conducting liquidation procedure,
  • Negotiations with bankruptcy creditors and bankruptcy debtors,
  • Analysis of the financial status of the company, ability to restructure the debt and to reorganize, reorganization,
  • Analysis of the creditors’ claims,
  • Analysis of collaterals,
  • Mergers and Acquisitions of companies encountering difficulties in business operation.


  • Željko Vlačić, Attorney (zeljko@afsajic.com)
  • Dragan Stijak, Senior Associate (dragan@afsajic.com)

SAJIC provides services related to the civil law, advises and represents legal entities and individuals in various procedures. The services we provide comprise the following:

  • Representation in all types of proceedings for compensation of material and non-pecuniary damage (including negotiations),
  • Conduct of a complete procedure for acquiring and renouncing BiH citizenship/RS citizenship,
  • Representation in negotiations regarding the conclusion of all types of contracts,
  • Drafting contracts and consulting in the field of all contracts of substantive and civil law,
  • Representing clients when concluding a gift agreement, a purchase and sale agreement, etc., including the provision of all necessary documentation,
  • Representing clients in the course of identifying and protecting property rights and other real rights,
  • Protection of property and disputes arising from property interference,
  • Registration of pledges, i.e. procedure and checkings in the BH Register of Pledges,
  • Conducting court proceedings regarding unfounded enrichment,
  • Conducting procedure of property division.

In addition, we offer the services of a Family Lawyer that include:

  • Providing legal advice and consultations,
  • Obtaining a birth certificate,
  • Obtaining excerpts from the Republic Institute for Geodetic, Property and Legal Affairs,
  • Obtaining various certificates and confirmations,
  • Assistance in completing forms and applications.


SAJIC provides consulting services in relation to the interpretation and application of all material regulations governing construction, infrastructure projects, consulting on the most appropriate solutions when concluding a construction contract, participating in negotiations and conclusion of contracts, and representing investors in all administrative procedures including the procedures for obtaining licenses and approvals. We also represent our clients in court proceedings arising from the contract of construction. Within the scope of our services, we also conduct an analysis of completed projects that are the subject of transactions between the contracting parties.

For our clients we monitor the construction and financing as well as the complete development of a wide range of infrastructure projects, including highways, bridges, water supply and treatment systems, then energy facilities, telecommunications facilities, parking areas, and remote control systems for heating and cooling.

We are distinguished from other law firms with experience in the transport and infrastructure sector by our creativity, perseverance as well good understanding of political and commercial risks and challenges in concession-based projects, as well as the successful results achieved in infrastructure projects, including high-quality mega projects. We provide knowledge in all areas of development, financing, acquisition and takeover of infrastructure projects.


One of the areas of law we deal with and which has recently attracted considerable interest from our clients, regardless of whether it is a business entity or an individual, is consumer protection.

From the aspect of this field of law, and with an aim to realize the rights of consumers and the regular and law-based business process of the business entities, the services we provide for our clients are reflected in the following:

  • Providing advice regarding the laws and bylaws in the field of consumer protection
  • Providing legal advice in the out-of-court settlement related to consumer disputes,
  • Submission of complaints to traders,
  • Representing clients before competent inspection bodies,
  • Representing clients before the competent administrative bodies and the competent Arbitration Committees,
  • Representing clients in consumer disputes before competent courts,
  • Representation in proceedings for damages for unfair commercial practices,
  • Development of rules and procedures in the field of consumer protection.


  • Contracts related to commercial law
  • International commercial and legal contracts
  • Contracts related to property law
  • Contract law agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Contracts related to family law matters
  • Inheritance contracts
  • Banking and finance contracts
  • Insurance contracts
  • Contracts related to civil engineering
  • Sports contracts


Corporate law is our core business, and with our expertise in this field, starting from the establishment of simple companies to complex corporate restructuring, mergers and divisions, due diligence, etc., we provide the best quality service. In particular, we have good M&A practice, including privatization projects. We also advise clients on all aspects of corporate governance.

Carefully listening to the needs of our clients, respecting their interests and understanding their goals represent the core of our M&A practice. This gives us an advantage in counseling, allowing for more efficient process management and time. All this goes hand in hand with our top standards - which is why we are still leaders in the market.

Our specialized teams with special commitment deal with all aspects of the client's transaction, regardless of the timeframe, and that includes tax, regulatory, environmental, and complicated compliance issues (compliance with regulations), including the extraterritorial application of foreign laws.

We provide advice on the acquisition and sale of shares, companies and business segments, as well as the establishment of joint ventures. You can rely on us if your M&A contract includes contributions, separation, merger, spin-off and/or restructuring of the target company's management. For our customers, we also oversee deals that include all aspects of potential takeover offers, process management from the very beginning of the process to its completion, including communication with the regulator and all other involved parties.

Thanks to our specialized teams, we offer an unprecedented experience in regulated and industrial sectors, as well as in the real estate and infrastructure sector. In addition, we are leaders in the energy sector, especially when it comes to renewable energy sources.

The services we provide, among others, include the following:

  • Establishment of legal entities, as well as establishment of representative offices of foreign companies,
  • Consultations, negotiation and preparation of the memorandum and articles of association, contracts of company’s members, rules on internal procedures, etc.,
  • Advice related to corporate governance,
  • Restructuring, M&A, division of a company,
  • Court Register,
  • Preparation and advice in relation to shareholders’ meetings, meetings of the management and supervisory boards, committees of executive directors, as well as participation in the same,
  • Registration with the Central Registry, Securities Commission and other regulatory bodies.


SAJIC provides its clients with assistance in all cases related to criminal law, including representation before the courts and other bodies, and we especially emphasize the following service:

  • Providing legal advice and opinions,
  • Filing criminal charges before the competent public prosecutor's office,
  • Negotiating and concluding a plea agreement,
  • Actions in detention related matters,
  • Defense in criminal proceedings,
  • Application of legal remedies in relation to the court decisions,
  • Submitting a request for deleting the conviction from the criminal record.


SAJIC is a law firm with years of experience in advising companies in the energy sector - from issues related to oil, gas and coal to issues related to windpower, solar panels, hydro, geothermal, waste and other forms of renewable energy sources.

Our experienced team can advise you on energy project development, project financing, plant design and construction, operation and maintenance, incentives, off-take arrangements, environmental planning and regulations related to the same, regulatory issues, real estate, taxes, mergers and acquisitions and disputes.

Our team that deals with the renewable energy issues provides our clients with advice on energy sources such as the wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, geothermal and hydro sources.

We provide the following services:

  • Assistance to Entity governing bodies in the phase of defining particular energy, mining or concession projects,
  • Representing the entity's governing bodies/local communities or private investors/consortiums of private investors during negotiations leading to the implementation of agreements related to an appropriate energy, mining or concession project,
  • Drafting legal agreements,
  • Assisting the client in the preparation of the necessary agreements related to the construction of energy, mining and other concession facilities, including all preparatory actions regarding negotiations with the local community, expropriation issues, etc.,
  • Assisting the client during the process of obtaining energy permits,
  • Assisting clients in the stage of establishing concession companies
  • Due diligence of projects, companies and real estate,
  • Advising clients on renewable energy
  • Energy contracts
  • Energy sectors: electricity, oil and natural gas, renewable energy sources, water, wind energy, nuclear energy, power plants, pipelines and collection systems, etc.


SAJIC advises our clients in the field of environmental protection on all current issues, taking into account that their business complies with the legal regulations of BiH. We familiarize our clients with the emerging obligations and assist in all types of proceedings before the courts as well as in administrative proceedings. Given the increasing importance of these issues, we are capable to provide our clients with appropriate legal support regarding the various situations and problems that arise in relation to environmental protection.

We provide the following services:

  • Providing advice on the application of laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection and waste management,
  • Representation in infrigement procedure related to environmental protection and waste management,
  • Representation in court proceedings in the field of environmental protection and waste management,
  • Consulting services regarding the harmonization of the business operations of the company with the requirements of legal regulations in the field of environmental protection and waste management,
  • Providing advice and representation in the process of obtaining environmental permits, as well as all other permits and approvals related to environmental protection and waste management,
  • Providing advice on environmental legislation and regulations.


SAJIC advises and represents clients in the area of family and inheritance law. Through loyalty and dedicated work, we gained clients' confidence in the following procedures:

  • Preparation of pre-marital and marital contracts,
  • Representation in divorce proceedings,
  • Representation in juvenile custody and custody procedures - parental rights,
  • Support of children, spouses and close relatives,
  • Procedures for establishing and contesting paternity,
  • Identification and division of joint (marital) property,
  • Adoption procedure,
  • Representation in inheritance proceedings before a court and a notary public,
  • Drawing up and maintaining a will, legal advice related to a will,
  • Drafting gift and life support agreements - representation in court proceedings upon revocation thereof,
  • Protecting the rights of legitimate heirs.


SAJIC specializes in providing efficient, high quality, reliable and professional services to its clients in this field of law, as well as a range of other services closely related to the same. Our role is to advise and provide legal services to a considerable number of companies dealing with food but facing many concerns regarding the application of a broad range of regulations in the areas of food processing, production, storage, distribution, declaration and advertising.

We assist numerous clients in fulfillment of their goals and visions and, among other things, provide the following services:

  • Providing legal advice regarding food packaging, labeling and marking,
  • Providing legal advice related to the trade, storage and distribution of food,
  • Interpretation and harmonization of legislation and by-laws in the field of food rights,
  • Interpretation and harmonization of legal documents concerning food production and processing,
  • Representation before the Food Safety Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Representation before all courts and competent authorities in disputes in the field of food rights,
  • Providing advice and opinion related to customs and tax regulations.


Gaming law is one of the new areas of law that is evolving and changing along with the regulations governing this area. This area is governed by the Law on Games of Chance and regulates both the general conditions for the organization of games of chance and the types of games of chance, the procedure of preparation, as well as the technical conditions and supervision.

We provide the following services:

  • Obtaining permits for the organization of games of chance,
  • Obtaining permits for the organization of prizes,
  • Obtaining the licenses necessary for the organization of games of chance,
  • Legal analysis of documents,
  • Following regulations in this area.


Organizations in the health sector face a range of complex issues, from the challenges of expanding population as well as the aging population, to budget constraints and stringent regulations. Working for private and public hospitals, with healthcare technology companies, financial and start-up investors, the public and state sectors as well as mandatory insurance funds, SAJIC has extensive experience in the healthcare sector.

Our expertise in healthcare means that we will come up with innovative and extremely successful solutions to the numerous issues in this area. With our expertise and knowledge we can assist you to achieve your goals if you need advice, among other things, on health care regulations, accreditation and funding, antitrust and competition, public procurement, state assistance, IT, private equity, entrepreneurial capital, M&A, models of collaboration between medical providers or a public-private partnership.

The legislative and regulatory frameworks differ from one jurisdiction to another and require specialist knowledge both locally and internationally. The team is composed of attorneys from all relevant practice areas regarding health and healthcare protection with the goal of providing you with the highest-quality advice, maximum support and understanding of your problem.

We provide the following services:

  • Consulting and complying with health care regulations,
  • Consulting and complying with the regulations regarding the marketing of medicines, medical products and medical devices,
  • Establishment of health institutions,
  • Professional responsibility.


SAJIC advises its local and foreign clients on a daily basis regarding the application of regulations governing the field of "migration law" and "acquisition of citizenship" in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and given the increasing client demands regarding labor and worker mobility, our team can boast extensive experience in this field and exceptional collaboration with local authorities in dealing with work and residence permits or citizenship.

Services provided by our team in this area include:

  • Consulting services regarding the fulfillment of the requirements for obtaining a work and residence permit or citizenship,
  • Obtaining certificates and consents from the competent authorities in BiH required for obtaining a work and residence permit or citizenship,
  • Applying to the competent authorities for obtaining a work permit,
  • Applying to the competent authorities for obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit,
  • Temporary stay based on:
    • Family reunion,
    • Education,
    • Humanitarian reasons,
    • Working permit,
    • Work without permit or
    • Other justified reasons
  • Visa
    • Short-stay visa (Visa C),
    • Long-stay visa (Visa D)
  • Acquiring citizenship on the basis of:
    • Origin,
    • Birth on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Adoption of children,
    • Naturalization,
    • Facilitated naturalization,
  • Termination of citizenship:
    • By operation of law,
    • Citizenship renunciation,
    • Citizenship deprivation,
  • Protection of foreigners,
  • Representation before administrative bodies on the exercise of the rights of foreigners,
  • Representation in administrative disputes against decisions of administrative bodies on the rights of foreigners.


SAJIC, as a full-service law firm, takes care of all our clients' interests in the field of IT legal matters: preparation of general terms, licenses and software contracts, production and service contracts and legal issues regarding e-commerce and data protection.

Our many years of experience include all IT matters. We advise leading companies in the IT industry as well as start-ups on all legal matters. Due to our international network and experience, we are also involved in cross-border projects. We are recognized for our pragmatic approach and thanks to our extensive knowledge related to the intellectual property, we provide comprehensive advice and assistance on complex issues that require more than a one-sided approach.

We also use our knowledge in IT related transactions (IT M&A, Due Diligence).

The services we provide in this area include:

  • IT projects,
  • Outsourcing, especially in the regulated banking and insurance sectors,
  • IT M&A, Due Diligence,
  • Cloud Computing,
  • E-commerce,
  • Support for internet platform,
  • Software Law (licensing agreements, measurement of licenses, enforcement),
  • IT compliance,
  • Social media (strategy, guidelines for employees, implementation),
  • Legal services for mobile applications (Terms of Use, Imprint, Data Protection Policy)
  • Responsibility of internet service providers (access, host and content of services),
  • Data Centres,
  • Confidentiality and data protection,
  • E-payment systems,
  • Location based services.


SAJIC offers appropriate advice on all aspects of both domestic and international insurance law, insurance companies, brokers or agents, companies and institutions. We assist our clients in regulatory matters as well as in all legal matters relating to insurance policies, related banking, and tax law matters.

Whether you are an insurer, broker, reinsurer or insured, you might face some unforeseen situations. From day-to-day operational issues to strategic planning, resolution of liability and dispute issues, policymaking, coverage and regulatory issues, your environment is changing rapidly.

Whether you require guidance on claims, regulatory policies, disputes, M&A, capital increase and restructuring, cyber or other liability issues, HR, taxes, real estate or business, our multidisciplinary experts can assist you.

The services we provide in this area include:

  • Establishment and registration of insurance companies,
  • Proceedings before the Insurance Agency,
  • Proceedings before the Securities Commission and Central Registry of Securities,
  • Reimbursement proceedings and proceedings for compensation of damages,
  • Evaluation of legal risks and assessment of success in litigation,
  • Court register
  • Corporate governance and relations between shareholders,
  • Insurance contracts,
  • Due Diligence of companies and real estate,
  • Mergers and Acquisition (M&A),
  • Labour relations and human resources,
  • Claims collection,
  • Legal representation in court proceedings,
  • Compliance and issues related to money laundering,
  • Monitoring issues related to damage or adverse events,
  • Damage Management
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Advising on coverage and liability issues of third parties
  • Advices, opinions and recommendations related to the implementation of applicable regulations.


Whether licensed under copyright law, counseling regarding the protection of one's own services or representation in court for infringement of copyright and trademark law, the SAJIC Intellectual Property Law Team covers the extensive range of services in this area. In addition, we advise clients on national and international law relating to trademarks and patents from the phase of filing an application until the phase of registration and processing of infringements.

We advise clients on all matters relating to intellectual property rights (especially trademarks, designs, patents, utility models, works of art and rights to images). We provide consultations to both reputable companies and start-ups. Based on our acquired knowledge, we also assist in both intellectual property issues that arise in business and in IP focused transactions.

The services we provide in this area include:

  • Registration and protection of patents and other intellectual property rights,
  • Conducting court proceedings for the protection of intellectual property rights and compensation for damage caused by infringement of intellectual property rights,
  • Royalties for copyright,
  • License, distribution and sponsorship agreements,
  • Franchise,
  • Representing artists, agents, associations and institutions,
  • Disputes related to domains,
  • Protection of the know-how of your company (non-disclosure agreements, labor law measures),
  • IP M&A, Due Diligence,
  • Assessing and resolving IP issues in business models,
  • Consultancy services on all matters relating to intellectual property.


SAJIC offers quality services in all aspects of labor law and represents the interests of the employer or employee. We assist our clients with all legal issues related to human resource management. Thanks to our experience in representing both employees and employers, we know and understand diverse perspectives, typical problems and arguments. As labor law counselors, we demonstrate this experience especially when the case requires negotiation skills.

We advise and represent our clients in all matters relating to labor law: from concluding employment contracts to Due Diligence, then out-of-court settlements and legal representation in disputes. In addition, our law firm's international orientation selects us a competent partner with regard to workforce migration.

The services we provide in this area include:

  • Employment contracts and employment of workers,
  • Business management contracts,
  • Rules on work and systematization of jobs,
  • Disciplinary proceedings,
  • Rights and obligations of workers, Employment contracts and employment of workers,
  • Business management contracts,
  • Rules on work and systematization of jobs,
  • Disciplinary proceedings,
  • Rights and obligations of workers,
  • Termination of employment,
  • Occupational safety,
  • Employment of foreigners,
  • Work and residence permits,
  • Discrimination,
  • Mediation,
  • Court proceedings,
  • Unions,
  • Incentives for hiring workers,
  • Advice on selling business/company, restructuring, outsourcing and privatization,
  • Pension programs,
  • Social plans and collective agreements.


Our approach is to provide practical solutions that will minimize costs, maximize effective dispute resolution and ensure the most satisfactory outcome for your business. The SAJIC litigation team possesses extensive experience in successfully resolving complex, high value litigation disputes.

If you have a problem that requires legal action, our team can help you with risk analysis, dispute management, and finding constructive solutions in your most beneficial interests. We can resolve your dispute in almost all European jurisdictions, obtain legal assistance in foreign proceedings, and deal with enforcement proceedings related to foreign judgments and arbitral awards.

Litigation can be a traumatic experience for companies. Regardless of its size and complexity, disputes in this area might have the potential to disrupt business, and in addition valuable time and resources are lost instead of using the same on more profitable businesses. Very often, litigation can jeopardize the survival of a company. We thoroughly review all issues to provide our clients with a vivid picture of the potential risk, cost and timeframes involved in litigation or defense. We also oversee investigations undertaken by third parties and work closely with court-appointed experts.

In our view, the foundations of strong defense lie in mutual trust and close cooperation with our clients. We possess an extensive experience in banking and insurance litigation and in addition we are recognized for our efficiency, quality and competitive price.

We provide the following services:

  • Banking and financial disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Disputes in the field of civil engineering,
  • Labour disputes,
  • Environmental disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes,
  • Insurance disputes,
  • Trade disputes,
  • Administrative/public law and regulatory disputes,
  • Anti-trust and a competition dispute
  • Corporate disputes after M&A,
  • Claims collection.


The Legal Project Managament (LPM) essentially implies that certain projects, when placed in a legal context, are planned to the smallest detail.However, it can be any business of less or greater complexity or any other issue that addresses a specific goal.

In order for such planning to be done properly, the expertise of lawyers in the area (s) to which the project is related is required, and when clients engage attorneys they become project managers and participate in the overall project. In those capacity attorneys:

  • Plan projects from the very beginning of the same,
  • Monitor the progress of projects,
  • Manage project progress,
  • Inform all interested parties,
  • Confirm the completion of the project and the results of the project, etc.

Of course, this costs so that part of the LPM involves managing attorney's services in terms of volume planning, scheduling, cost,expenses, risk, etc. for all stages of the project and in the most "measurable" way for clients, and in determining cost and expenses lies the primary purpose of LPM.

LPM is characteristic for of law firms because it employs a large number of lawyers who specialize in different fields and are therefore are able to manage different projects and may also offer companies different arrangements when it comes to the cost of their services such as fixed or flat fees, cost limits or capped fees, contingency fees, etc. The SAJIC LPM team has extensive lon-lasting experience in projects in various fields. Our multidisciplinary practice and our individual specializations and training may guarantee our clients the successful management of their projects.


Media law is a specific area of law, which regulates all legal relations arising from media activities.

Our engagement includes advising and representing clients in the field of both print and electronic media, as well as representing and advising clients in actions for compensation of damages and protection of their rights against injuries caused by the action of the media..

In addition to standard legal services in this area, we strive to further develop this area of law and offer our clients legal advice in the area of:

  • Establishment and registration of media companies,
  • Legal advice regarding the procedures for obtaining licenses for conducting activities in the field of media and representing clients before the competent authorities,
  • Representation before regulatory bodies and agencies,
  • Representation before regulatory bodies and agencies,
  • Providing legal advice and representation in proceedings before the Rergulatory Agency and other competent authorities,
  • Filing a request for correction of information and publication of denials,
  • Protection of the right to privacy,
  • Conducting court proceedings for damages caused by defamation,
  • Advising on the harmonization of internal acts with positive regulations,
  • Drafting legal opinions related to the media matters.


SAJIC provides its clients with various types of services in the field of lien registration performed at the Pledge Registry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is an independent organizational unit within the Ministry of Justice of BiH. In this regard, we advise both legal entities and individuals and represent them as authorized legal representatives in the process of registering a pledge before the competent authority. In each case, we find the most favorable solutions for our clients in order to enable the exercise of their legitimate interests and protect their rights to the fullest extent possible.

Services we provide, among other things, in the field of pledge registration are:

  • Providing legal advice when concluding a pledge agreement,
  • Analysis and review of the pledge agreement,
  • Drawing up a pledge agreement,
  • Representation in the entire process of establishing and registering a lien,
  • Representation in proceedings concerning priority right disputes,
  • Initiate and represent in enforcement proceedings based on established lien,
  • Representation in procedures for registration of priority rights and enforcement of foreign rights in the form of pledges,
  • Filing remedies,
  • Obtaining pledge certificates,
  • Representing clients before courts and other competent authorities over all disputes arising from a lien,
  • All kinds of consulting and analysis of the possibilities of the most favorable way of exercising and protecting the rights and interests of clients.


SAJIC provides counseling and representation services in proceedings relating to compensation for damage caused by professionals in the performance of obligations in their professional activity, which are obliged to act with a greater degree of attention, i.e. according to the rules of science and profession (eg doctors, accountants , notaries, lawyers, engineers, auditors, etc.).

The fact that individuals are competent to perform certain activities necessitates a greater degree of attention, i.e. with the attention of a good expert. However, it is often the case that professional persons, by failing to pay due diligence, negligently cause harm to legal entities or individuals, and such conduct of professional persons can be characterized as a civil tort which entails an obligation to pay damages.

The increasing occurrence of damages caused by professional persons in the performance of their professional activity is causing an increasing number of occupations for which compulsory professional liability insurance is prescribed, and therefore the need for legal and advisory services in this field is increasing.

Members of our team meet daily claims related to the professional liability of experts in various fields, and provide legal counseling and representation services in order to protect the rights and interests of any professional or damaged persons, all in the context of insurance against professional responsibilities.

Our team, among others, provides the following services:

  • Advice on the application of legal regulations related to the professional liability of professional persons and compensation of damages,
  • Advising on the application of legal regulations in the area of professional liability insurance,
  • Representation in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings,
  • Other legal services in the field of claims and insurance.


SAJIC has many years of experience in the field of data protection and advises its clients, both controllers and data holders, on a daily basis regarding the application of national and international regulations governing this area, all with the aim of compliance and respect for the right to privacy as one of the basic human rights.

We are pleased to note that our team members are licensed Data Protection Officers (DPOs) who meet a wide variety of client requirements, as there are numerous business entities operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina that have foreign founders and are EU-focused, and as such, they must be aligned not only with local, but also with EU legislation, which primarily refers to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for its extended application and to non-EU registered entities that process data from EU citizens.

In our business we strive to find and offer our clients the most practical solutions through a professional approach that will strike a balance between the protection of personal data and the right to privacy on the one hand, and the risks and compliance with legal regulations on the other, while also making running a work process and achieving economic goals as easy as possible. This is especially reflected in the provision of Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) services in accordance with the requirements of Article 35 of the GDPR, which is to our delight recognized by numerous banks, insurance companies and other clients who are under regulatory scrutiny and with whom we have ongoing cooperation with respect to the provision of services related to data protection impact assessment.

Due to the extremely harsh penalties prescribed by the GDPR for the misuse of personal data and the violation of the right to privacy, there is an increased interest of business entities in BiH to align their operations with the requirements of this regulation, which is why SAJIC has decided to make its licensed data protection officers available to all interested business entities, you can engage them directly for the needs of the process of work of your company in accordance with the provisions of Articles 37-39. GDPR.

In addition, the services provided by our team include:

  • Advising on the application of the legal regulations in the field of personal data protection,
  • Producing general internal documents regulating data protection with controllers (data protection policies, regulations, etc.),
  • Drawing up consents for the data holders,
  • Drawing up data processing contracts between the controller and the processor or sub-processor,
  • Support in implementing organizational and technical measures to protect data,
  • Support in establishing and maintaining records of personal data files,
  • Representation in court proceedings (administrative disputes, damages, etc.),
  • Representation in court proceedings (administrative disputes, damages, etc.),
  • Other services that may be brought in connection with the protection of personal data and privacy rights.


Public procurement is a set of very complex actions by which the Ordering Parties/Contracting Authorities procure goods, services or works under the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the Law on Public Procurement. The legal services we provide in the field of public procurement are intended primarily for potential bidders in public procurement procedures, and include support and advice at all stages of preparation of bids for participation in the public procurement process.

On the basis of prior experience in public procurement, theoretical knowledge of relevant material regulations and procedures, as well as their changes and amendments, and knowledge of the way competent institutions work, presents its clients with a safe and reliable partner that will help them to resolve any doubts and problems with which are encountered when participating in public procurement procedures.

The basic and the most important serices that we offer our clients in this field are:

  • Monitoring of tenders in the client's business segment,
  • Providing advice on public procurement laws and regulations,
  • Analysis of tender documentation,
  • Support in preparing the offer,
  • Submission of the offer,
  • Insight into the offers of other bidders,
  • Conducting the appeal proceedings before the contracting authority and the Office for Review of Appeals, as well as representation in court proceedings regarding the decision in the public procurement procedure,
  • Submitting a request to the Public Procurement Agency for acting within the scope of its competence.

In addition to public procurement, SAJIC offers its clients advisory assistance and support in the implementation or participation in procurement processes financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, the EU or the UN, as well as procurement assistance for required FIDIC contracting terms, their interpretation and application.

FIDIC contracting conditions represent the international standard in construction and it is quite realistic to expect that in the future in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina FIDIC contracting conditions will be the standard for procurement / contracts in the field of construction. Within the scope of public procurement services, we also provide our clients with consulting services in public-private partnership and concession projects, and especially in the part of preparation and control of tender documentation in the selection process of a private partner, i.e. awarding a concession and monitoring and control of the further selection procedure of a private partner, i.e. reviewing the offers of private partners, as well as the drafting of contracts, but also to the tenderers - through interpretation, often very complex and extensive requirements from the tender documentation and expert assistance in the preparation of tenders.


Recognizing the importance of public-private partnership (PPP) projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, SAJIC has developed adequate legal support for participants by offering legal advice and legal assistance, both for the needs of the private partner and for the needs of the public partner.

Bearing in mind the complexity and diversity of each potential PPP project, we are able to provide legal support to all entities that may be in the role of public partner, to participate in negotiations and preparation of appropriate acts, to propose appropriate legal solutions in accordance with applicable regulations.

Our services under public-private partnership projects include:

  • Assisting the public partner in preparing and implementing the procedure for PPP projects,
  • Representation of private investors in the process of preparation for participation in the procedure and preparation of the bid according to the tender documentation,
  • Representation of participants in the PPP contract award process,
  • Opinion regarding the specifics of a particular PPP procedure,
  • Participating in negotiations,
  • Drafting contracts,
  • Preparation and analysis of supporting documentation from a legal point of view,
  • Assessment of long-term legal risks,
  • Assisting clients in the phase of setting up a special purpose company,
  • Legal support from the point of view of the business of the special purpose company,
  • Assistance during the implementation of the PPP project,
  • Legal protection of participants regarding the PPP procedure and the concluded PPP contract and its implementation.


SAJIC advises and assists its clients in legal, financial, tax and other matters related to the real estate business in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, including representation in court and administrative proceedings before the competent authorities in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our primary goal is to provide the quality services, and thus contribute to real estate transactions in a lawful manner, with maximum security for future owners and sellers.

We provide comprehensive consulting services in the field of real estate, in particular:

  • Complete legal assistance in the sale, purchase and construction of real estate,
  • Advising investors on all aspects of real estate investing, including site selection, financing, obtaining the necessary licenses, approvals and permits in the construction process, exit strategies, etc.,
  • Advising and assisting in conducting negotiations and concluding negotiations and contracts for the sale and lease of real estate,
  • Representing the seller or buyer before the notary public, without the presence of the client in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Representation in legal affairs related to the transfer or acquisition of ownership or other rights in the territory of BiH,
  • Due diligence and other forms of legal analysis of a particular asset or company,
  • Advising on environmental issues,
  • Representation in proceedings: expropriation, denationalization and legalization of illegally constructed structures.


SAJIC provides legal services and advice to individuals and legal entities on a daily basis regarding the application of regulations governing the field of pension and disability insurance, as well as health insurance and social protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We regularly inform our clients about changes that have occurred in relation to the applicable laws and regulations governing these areas, and in due time are alerted to potential obligations arising from such changes.

Due to the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina into two entities, namely the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the problems that arise in these areas can be quite complex, especially when it comes to citizens residing in the territory of one entity, and should exercise their rights before the competent authorities of another entities.

Services provided by our team include:

  • Consulting services regarding the exercise of the right to old-age pension, disability entitlement, family pension,
  • Consulting services regarding tax payments and contributions for policyholders,
  • Consulting services in individual cases regarding the exercise of the right to social protection,
  • Consulting services for exercising the right to health insurance of domestic and foreign nationals, with an emphasis on the application of international treaties and conventions on social security which BIH concluded with other countries or take over from succession agreements with the former FPRY,
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before the competent authorities for exercising rights under pension and disability insurance, as well as health insurance and social protection,
  • Representation in administrative disputes against decisions of administrative bodies deciding on the rights of the insured and beneficiaries of social protection.


School law is an area that entails legal specialization in primary, secondary and higher education regarding the application of applicable regulations and the various issues that may arise in relation to education and related rights and obligations. We provide legal support to schools and their founders, individuals, and all other persons who are in need for assistance in exercising their rights or in the event of a violation of their rights or interests.

Our services include:

  • Providing advice and opinions regarding the application of positive regulations,
  • Analysis of different legal institutes,
  • Representation and counseling in the exercise of rights and legal protection,
  • Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings,
  • Harmonization of the work of school institutions and other entities in the field of education with positive regulations,
  • Preparation of draft contracts, by-laws and other internal documents of educational institutions,
  • Establishment of schools,
  • Legal aspects of the operation and functioning of school institutions,
  • Providing advice regarding the application of other regulations regarding school law.


SAJIC is one of the few in Bosnia and Herzegovina that specializes in sports law, and in addition to advising sports workers and sports organizations (clubs), we provide are the following services:

  • Establishment of sports clubs and associations,
  • Drafting legal documents,
  • Implementation of all status changes in sports organizations and clubs,
  • Participating in the work of club bodies and associations,
  • Sports law contracts,
  • Protection of the rights of sports workers,
  • Mediation in disputes between sports clubs and federations.


Start-up companies are increasingly present in the market, and given the particular activity they are engaged in, legal support is of particular importance for start-up companies especially in the phase of developing idea related to the same.

Our team devotes particular attention to start-ups in the initial phase, and assist our clients in selecting the proper legal form of start-ups, while in other stages of start-ups development we provide the clients with legal support in the area of:

  • Drafting up agreements between startup founders,
  • Corporate legal issues,
  • Employment-related legal issues,
  • Protection of intellectual property,
  • Data protection,
  • Commercial contracts.


We provide advice in the field of tax law, in accordance with the applicable regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the field of indirect taxes (VAT) which is unique in BiH, as well as in the field of direct taxes regulated at the entity level.

In addition, we provide consulting services as well as representation services in tax procedures and disputes to legal entities, entrepreneurs and individuals.

We have been providing services in this field since 2006, and thus we have an extensive experience in the practice of tax authorities at all levels in BiH, which is why our mission is to adequately prepare every transaction for our client in any segment of tax law, to maximize the protection of client's rights as well as making the most of the available tax benefits.

Our team is composed of experienced individuals, who have successfully advised both large companies in complicated transactions and small entrepreneurs or individuals.

The services we provide in this area are:

  • General tax advice, tax planning,
  • Consulting in the field of customs regulations, regulations governing the origin of goods, the use of customs exemptions and reliefs,
  • Representing clients in tax controls, as well as advising on these procedures,
  • Counseling and representation in all proceedings before the Indirect Taxation Authority,
  • Representation in misdemeanor proceedings in the field of taxes and customs,
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before tax authorities,
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before tax authorities.

Tax issues are complicated and require detailed analysis of potential risks. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to assist our clients in consulting and tax representation services, both in administrative and in court proceedings, which may arise in this area.


SAJIC has many years of experience in a wide range of telecommunication services, whose specialized team monitors the development of the telecommunications market on a daily basis and refines itself to meet new trends and challenges brought about by the rapid development of this field both domestically and internationally.

We provide our clients with services in a very efficient and quality way, including the following services:

  • Establishment, purchase and status change of telecommunication companies,
  • Counseling and representation in proceedings before the competent authorities,
  • Advising and representing in the procedures for obtaining licenses and approvals for performing telecommunications activities,
  • Resolving property-legal relations, obtaining necessary approvals in the process of building base stations,
  • Advising on the mutual rights and obligations of subscribers and operators,
  • Advising on the possibility of termination or amendments of contracts for the use of telecommunication services,
  • Development of the general conditions of the operator, as well as all other relevant acts.


SAJIC is one of the leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of claims collection, i.e. representing and advising the parties in the most complex litigation concerning this area. Certainly, we have many years of experience and knowledge in this field, seriousness and professionalism in every procedure of payment of damages regardless of the value of the dispute. Consequently we have become recognizable in BiH as specialist in this area.

The services we provide and the activities we perform are:

  • Review of documentation and consultation in determining liability for the occurrence and amount of damage,
  • Negotiations and correspondence on extrajudicial payment of damages on behalf of the party,
  • Mediation between the two parties in the process of claim collection,
  • Engaging experts in the process of assessing adverse actions, situations and events,
  • Writing a claim for damages, i.e. making a claim for damages,
  • Representation in litigation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage,
  • Collection of claims for damages,
  • Consulting, i.e. reviewing insurance contracts and giving legal opinions regarding potential risks.


Following the strategies of economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries in the region, as well as the actual needs and demands of clients for legal counseling and advocacy services in the field of tourism, SAJIC has closely specialized in this field. The services we provide to travel agencies and/or their clients comprise the following:

  • Consulting in the field of tourism, which includes the monitoring of regulations and reporting to clients about changes in the field of tourism and catering activities, studying the regulations of foreign countries related to tourism services, reviewing contracts concluded between providers and recipients of tourist services, legal counseling and mediation between providers and the recipient of tourist services in all cases of possible misunderstandings and deviations from the concluded contracts,
  • Representation before courts in all disputes relating to the provision of tourist services.


SAJIC provides its clients with various types of services in the field of trade and trade activities, and we advise our clients on a daily basis on the application of laws and regulations governing this area, as well as on the application of relevant international regulations, agreements and conventions. Our team specializes in providing legal support to both sellers and buyers, as well as brokers, agents, distributors and all other participants in various business relationships. We represent our clients in court and arbitration proceedings as well as in proceedings before administrative bodies, and we advise and assist in the conclusion of all business cooperation agreements.

We provide the following services:

  • Advising on the application of laws, regulations and international law,
  • Legal analysis of business operations of companies and other entities engaged in trading activities,
  • Drafting and analysis of contracts (sale, distribution, franchise, brokerage, etc.),
  • Representing clients during negotiations in order to establish business cooperation or conclude contracts,
  • Legal risk assessment and compensation issues,
  • Representation before competent regulatory and supervisory bodies, such as competition councils, chambers of commerce and other state bodies,
  • Representation in all judicial and administrative procedures, especially before the inspection, customs, tax and other competent authorities,
  • Counseling and representation in arbitration proceedings,
  • Representation in intellectual property proceedings relating to the protection of patents, trademarks, geographical indications and industrial designs.


Traffic and forwarding law are extremely broad legal area that is governed by numerous and varied legal regulations, and SAJIC provides its clients with various types of legal services and legal advice in this area. In this regard, we advise and represent business entities that fall into the category of freight forwarders or carriers, and in each particular case we find the most favorable and most appropriate solutions and provide assistance in the exercise of their rights and interests. In this regard we provide clients with the following types of services:

  • Consulting services and provision of legal advice regarding the applicable legal regulations concerning traffic and freight forwarding,
  • Participation in negotiations in the course of conclusion of contracts,
  • Preparing and drafting of all types of contracts concerning the shipment, delivery and transportation of goods, storage contracts, contracts for the carriage of passengers,
  • Analysis and drafting of opinions on existing contracts,
  • Analysis and interpretation of various types of international law regulations, such as international treaties, conventions, agreements and the like,
  • In-depth analysis of the legal aspects of certain business entities in the process of their purchase
  • Counseling when concluding insurance contracts with insurance companies (transport insurance),
  • Counseling services and interpretation of laws and regulations related to this area, with particular emphasis on customs and tax regulations,
  • Counseling on the application and interpretation of regulations related to obtaining various permits, approvals, consents and licenses from the competent authorities,
  • Representation before all courts in BIH,
  • Representation in civil proceedings for damages, as well as all civil proceedings arising out of breach of contractual obligations,
  • Representation in all administrative proceedings before the competent administrative bodies,
  • Representation in claims collection procedures,
  • Drafting and composition of all internal acts of freight forwarding companies and carriers,
  • Consulting and providing services in the field of labor relations.


SAJIC provides services for establishment of citizens' associations and foundations, as well as resolving all status issues related to the functioning of these forms of legal entities. This service includes:

  • Advising on the establishment of associations and foundations with regard to the necessary documentation and the manner of regulating the relationship of the founder, i.e. members of the association,
  • Creation of all general acts of the association,
  • Representation before the court, Agency for Intermediary, IT and financial services and the Tax Administration when establishing associations and foundations,
  • Implementation of status and all other changes in associations and foundations,
  • Interpretation of the general documents of the Association (especially the Articles of Association) in case of disputes between members,
  • Representation of associations in civil proceedings.


Your business is subject to many external and internal forces that can cause serious financial problems. Whether you require advice on how to restructure your present business, and in the best way deal with insolvency, or how to secure yourself from potential problems, SAJIC has a professional and experienced team that can assist you.

SAJIC provides comprehensive advice on crisis and insolvency. Clients in this area are foreign and domestic banks, financial institutions, investors and insurance companies. We support banks and other creditors in the field of restructuring and execution of claims, collaterals and guarantees. We advise them about acquiring companies from bankruptcy companies and reorganizing or restructuring such companies in order to avoid bankruptcy proceedings. Furthermore, we assist creditors and debtors in all refinancing matters.

Practice areas:

  • Management consulting,
  • Corporate and financial restructuring,
  • Corporate illiquidity,
  • Reorganization,
  • Advising bankruptcy administrators,
  • Creditors' rights,
  • M & A problems (Distressed M&A),
  • Court cases related to insolvency,
  • International restructuring and insolvency,
  • Non-performing loans (NLP),
  • Representation of creditors: execution and recovery of claims and collaterals before and during the debtor's insolvency period,
  • Procedure for annulment of debtor's legal actions,
  • Acquisition of bankruptcy companies.



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