Saving is a type of service that banks provide to their customers (individuals or legal entities). The current market economy, the economic power of individuals and recent memories, raise an issue of what would be the way to attract citizens to entrust their money to some of financial institutions for “safekeeping”

In the period behind us, we witnessed that a large number of citizens still did not manage to collect their savings entrusted to banks, which they hardly acquired mainly working abroad and in the hope that the money will multiply and enable them a good life in old age.

However, exactly the opposite happened and not only that the savers did not get the interest on their savings deposits but also were left without savings deposits at all, where the only way to get it is via RS bonds. Referring to the past times, the conclusion is that older adults with a caution are looking at depositing funds in banks regardless of the level of interest rates that banks are offering for savings deposits following the old saying ” The one who burnt his tongue with milk going to blow to yoghurt as well.” Although they believe that the best way to preserve their funds is to save it under the mattress, it is still difficult to avoid the thinking about “special benefits” offered by banks.

As for the younger population, the question is whether they are capable for any savings at all, since even before they manage to calculate the interest rate which they would get for a deposit, there are some more urgent payments they are facing or solving of the housing problem, buying a car, clothing, but only if something remains they would be able to save.

 Just as the one decides to set up a “slush fund”, leave something for difficult days, and open a savings account, there is surprise in the form of low interest rates on savings deposits offered by the banks, regardless of the type of savings.

The truth is, that banks through their sites and the media propagate various types of savings, but when you closely analyse it can be concluded that only a small amount of money can be earned for a certain period of time. So, the question is what is the right choice, keep the money safe under the mattress, or to entrust the same to the bank for safekeeping regardless of the amount of realized profits, because there is no profit without risk.

Author: Sanja Djukic, e-mail: [email protected]

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