Rulebook on minimum technical requirements for business space, equipment, devices and necessary qualifications for the performance of trade activity

In the Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska number 117 dated December 19, 2018, was published the Rulebook on Minimum Technical Requirements for Business Space, Equipment, Devices and Necessary Qualifications for the Performance of Trade Activities. By entering into force of this Rulebook, the Rulebook on Minimum Business Requirements for Business Space, Devices and Equipment for the Performance of Trade Activities (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska”, number 84/07, 90/07, 7/12, 12/13, 70/13, 11/14 i 8/16) ceases to exist.

Differences in relation to the previously valid Rulebook are reflected in the regulation of the requirements for the supermarket in accordance with Article 19. The definition of the supermarket as a store, which retails goods and a place with prevailing self-service, in comparison to the previous definition, is now expanded in terms that the same additionally provides satisfaction of other customer’s needs and for that purpose provides separate premises physically separated from the sales area. Other needs include the provision of catering services, then craft, financial and other similar services, as well as services of looking after small children and belongings.

A novelty in relation to the previous Rulebook is regulation of sales outside of business premises. The Rulebook also envisages distance selling in particular: catalogue sales, TV sales, online sales and sales via telephone. The previous Rulebook did not distinguish between these forms of sales. In addition, the new Rulebook includes personal offers, automatic sale machines, market-stall and cooling cabinets sale.  In relation to the previous Rulebook, there is no a door-to-door sale, but sales by personal offerings.
Traders who, on the date of entry into force of this Rulebook, perform their activities, as well as legal entities that manage market premises, are obliged to harmonize the requirements for performing their activities according to the provisions of the Rulebook within six months from the day of entry into force.

Author: Milica Karadza, Senior Associate

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