In Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an aim of prevention of the coronavirus spread, the BIH Council of Ministers passed a Decision declaring natural or other disasters on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, at the entity level, decisions have been made to declare an emergency situation for the territory of the Republic of Srpska and a state of natural and other disasters for the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The work of judicial bodies, as well as administrative bodies at all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is continued with respect of all prescribed safety and health measures.

Competent entities at all levels of government regularly review orders, conclusions and decisions made in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it leads to the gradual liberalization of measures, i.e. the abolition of a large number of prescribed prohibitions and restrictions. Currently in force measures comprise the following:

  • The foreign citizens have been temporarily banned from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina, with certain exemptions which include certain categories of persons, among others, health workers, drivers in international transport, persons entering BiH due to business obligations, family members of deceased persons to attend funeral;
  • Border crossings with neighboring countries are open to persons who are allowed to cross the state border, except for border crossings with Montenegro, which has only one border crossing open;
  • The work is enabled to almost all business entities, with certain exceptions, primarily in the Republic of Srpska, such as the work of night clubs, cinemas, theaters and reading rooms. The work of catering facilities is limited from 6.00 to 23.00. In addition, all competition of sport organisations and athletes are prohibited until June 8, 2020;
  • In the Republic of Srpska, the gathering of more than 50 persons is prohibited, while in the Federation of BiH the gathering which is contrary to the provisions of the Law on Public Gatherings of the FBiH is prohibited;

In terms of health measures, a protective mask is mandatory, as well as a social distance of at least 2 m in the public areas as well as in closed facilities.

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