HOUSE FOR SALE – Paparikovac settlement, Banja Luka

A house in Paprikovac settlement, street Petra Mecave, on a land plot of 492m2 is being announced for sale. The land plot is completely fenced while the house is in extremely good condition and ready for use.
On the ground floor there is a garage, with a storage area, a toilet and an area with a central heating boiler. On the higher ground floor, there is a two-bedroom apartment, and in the attic a three-bedroom apartment.
Both floors are with large terraces. The ground floor is with stone veneer with an insulation role, but also with esthetical effect. In addition to the house, there are two smaller auxiliary facilities (containing pantry, meat drying area and grilling area), and behind the house there are several fruit trees and an arranged seating area.

For further information, please contact Sandra Jokic: tel. 051 223 631
or e-mail [email protected]

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